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Oconee County High School Prom | Young Love

A couple of days ago was prom night for Oconee County High School students. Last year things were cancelled due to COVID, but thankfully they were able to make things happen this year! Such an honor to photograph these two before they headed out for their big night. Her dress was a special order that she had shipped in and her date did a great job getting his accessories the exact same color of her dress.

Oconee County High School prom portrait of two seniors before dance.

We took their prom portraits at this young man’s family home. We really lucked out with weather as the forecast had originally called for severe thunderstorms, but it was just overcast and calm during the session. I am sure they were quite relieved!

These two have been dating for three years and are just the sweetest together. He had mentioned that he was a little nervous before she arrived, but that appeared to quickly go away once she arrived and they were together.

We got a lot of variety during their quick petite session and then they were off to their big night! Such an honor to be trusted with these images for the two of them. Man, the past year has been hard and I think for teenagers it has been even harder since they have missed out on so many big milestone moments of their high school days. So happy that their prom happened this year before they graduate! It is something that I know many young adults look forward to, which makes this prom even more special and cherished for those who were able to attend.

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