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Musician’s Senior Photos in Athens, GA

“If you can dream it, you can make it so.” ~ BELVA DAVIS

Male musician's senior photos in Athens, GA.

Last week my nephew came to visit me in Georgia and since he is going into his senior year of high school, we thought it was fitting to update his portraits of himself. This handsome man is a very talented musician who can pick up pretty much any instrument and start playing songs by ear. It’s a pretty amazing thing to witness. His passion right now is playing jazz on his trumpet and therefore he wanted to incorporate that music instrument into his senior photos. A couple days before his portrait session, we explored the downtown Athens, GA area and he instantly fell in love with the vibe and all the music influences throughout the area. He knew that was where he wanted his photo session to take place. He mentioned that he has never felt more alive inside than when surrounded by records and we were lucky enough to gain permission to get a few images in the ever famous Wuxtry Records. In total, this musician’s senior photo session took 45 minutes and produced a ton of variety. Mr. G mentioned how fun it was too…. Bonus! Congrats G man. I am confident that you will go far in life with all of your talents, smarts, and wonderful personality. Proud to be your Aunt!

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