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Loving Newborn Photography in Chesterfield

Today I had the great honor to photograph this precious baby girl who is just a little over a week old. I picked this particular newborn portrait for this family’s sneak peek as I love the enduring connection it shows between father and daughter.  These type of images just make my heart sing! I absolutely adore how she seems to be melting into her fathers arms and chest and the gentle kiss of comfort from her dad. I also can’t get enough of the flakes on her toes as it’s such a short lived feature of an infant, but proof of the newness of life and the miracle of her time in the womb. Just lovely. During this beauty’s newborn photography session, she was wide awake most of the time, which gave us a lot of open eye shots that are always treasured. Once she fell asleep though, she was out for quite some time and allowed us to get a variety of images as she let us move her without problem and seemed to be like putty in our hands. If she became unsettled, a simple touch seemed to reassure her and put her back at ease. Since today was her most alert day of her life so far, hopefully she’ll sleep well for mom and dad tonight! It’s always tough getting days and nights on track for a baby. Congrats “F” family on the birth of your beautiful little girl. I’m sure the three of you will have much joy in the future as a family. Enjoy the sneak peek!

“To her the name of father was another name for love.” ~ FANNY FERN

Loving Newborn Photography in Chesterfield by Yvonne Niemann Photography
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