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Love Portraits

I love portraits showing the love between couples and families. It’s that pure and sweet connection that melts my heart every time. This past weekend, my parents came to visit before I move on down to Athens, GA and of course I had to take some pictures of the two of them! It’s something I know I’d regret not doing after I left and our time spent together become fewer and further between.  Every child needs some good portraits of their parents, regardless of age. The pictures of my mom and dad from when I was a baby and little girl are just as important to me as the images that I take of them now. My parents have ALWAYS been very lovey dovey with each other. Lots of kisses, holding hands, butt grabs and giggles through the years. As a child, it was just a normal part of life, as a teenager it was a bit embarrassing and as I got older, it became enduring. It’s something that I will always remember about my parents. Perhaps this public display of affection is what made me the romantic that I am today. Ironically Michael and I are the same way together and I hope the holding hands, winks, kisses, cuddles and embraces never end. I’m sure our daughter, Lily, will become embarrassed by us as she reaches the teenage years, but at least she’ll know we loved each other immensely. I picked these two images to share of my parents for different reasons. In the first picture, I love how happy they look and that twinkle in their eyes. The second love portrait I adore the smile on my mom’s face as my dad kisses her. Pure happiness and love.

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” ~ ABRAHAM LINCOLN

Love connection photo by Athens, GA photographer, Yvonne Niemann.Athens, GA love portraits by Yvonne Niemann PhotographyI plan on doing more love portraits for clients once I move to Athens, GA. Contact me for more details. Just use the contact tab at the top of the screen or email me directly at

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