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Family Traditions in Newborn Portraits

I had the pleasure to photograph this sweet baby boy today. He just under two weeks old and is already filled with so much love from family. His family is originally from Africa and his Great Aunt made the journey all the way here for this little man. She brought some beautiful garments from Africa, including a traditional baby carrier, which we used for some mother/son portraits. I love that we were able to incorporate some family traditions in their newborn portraits. Such a great way to introduce your new baby to your roots and keep things personal. The sentimental value is priceless.

I could not get over this little man’s soft skin, full head of hair and pouty lips. Not even one flake of skin on this baby boy! So unusual for a newborn. His mom said is was due to the olive oil that they have been using to moisturize him. I think I will have to start doing the same for my own beauty regimen. If it can work such wonders on a baby, I can only imagine what it could do for us adults.

During the first part of his newborn session, he really didn’t like being messed with. Didn’t really cry, just fussy when you would touch or move him. I really can’t blame the lil’ man. I don’t want to be messed with while I’m sleeping either. After he had a feeding, he was in a milk coma and slept wonderfully, allowing us to get a variety of portraits in a short amount of time. Once he was up close to his mom in the baby carrier, he started snoring and was the most content. I can see why babies like those carriers so much. I’m sure the sounds and smells of mom is very comforting. Doesn’t he look so peaceful? Such a beautiful baby boy and so lucky to be surrounded by family. Congrats on the arrival of your sweet little man. I’m sure there will be much joy in your futures.

“We know what we are, but not what we may be.” ~ WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE

Traditional African mother and child newborn portraits by Athens, GA photographer, Yvonne Niemann Photography.If you would like baby portraits like this for yourself, contact Athens newborn photographer, Yvonne Niemann Photography today. Currently booking portrait sessions in the Athens and Oconee County areas for Fall and Winter. Use the contact tab at the top of the screen to inquire or contact me directly at

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