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Golden Eagle Family Portraits | Pure Beauty!

I adored this family and their portrait session that took place this summer. We got some amazingly beautiful images and you’d never know how hot it was! This session ALMOST didn’t happen as we had a lot of flooding in the St. Louis area during this time and the ferry to Golden Eagle was closed for some time. When it opened, it was technically still flooded and my car couldn’t get through the high water, so the girl’s daddy come across to St. Charles to pick me up since his vehicle sits higher and could make it through the deep water. It was quite the fun adventure and so worth the effort. This family now lives on the other side of the globe enjoying their own family adventure. I feel blessed to have them enter my life for the short amount of time I spent with them. I hope they will cherish these portraits for generations to come.

St. Louis Portraits of Siblings in English Pram
Child Portraits in Golden Eagle IL
Summer Family Portrait in St. Louis in a field of tall grass
Mother and Daughter Tea Party Portraits in St. Louis Field
Father and Daughter Portraits in Golden Eagle IL
Portrait of Sisters in St. Louis cuddling
St. Louis Baby Portraits Outside
Summer Family Portraits On Location St. Louis

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