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Fenton Baby Photography | Three Months!

This sweet lil’ boy was such a delight to capture this morning! He’s a mere three months and even though he just started day care, he’s still on a very good schedule. What lucky parents! Caleb wasn’t into being naked today even though his mom really wanted to capture those dimples and rolls, but we got some amazing shots of him with his adorable baby clothes! {shhhh…don’t tell mom, but I did get a great naked shot of the lil’ man that I’ll share later}

I just adore sleeping babes. I love the noises they make, how they suck their lips as if a pacifier is in their mouth still, and of course just how heavenly peaceful they are during those moments. I’m so blessed to be around these sleepy moments and it’s an honor that families share these intimate moments with me as I photograph their babies. Now, I have to say…my daughter asked me before I left for my session if the baby’s mommy was as pretty as a princess, and I have to say, “Yes, she is!” Adorable family. This princess found her prince charming in Nebraska and they now have their very own lil’ prince to round out their family here in St. Louis. Enjoy the sneak peek. More to come…

Three month baby boy sleeping

3 month old baby boy with parents

Athens, Georgia |