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Business Plan

Every year I revisit my business plan, make needed revisions and set new goals. Surprisingly, it’s something I actually enjoy doing. Back when I was working at Edward Jones, as a producer in the video department, I was required to work on the annual business plan and write my personal responsibility statement that supported the company’s goals, vision and mission statement. It wasn’t something I enjoyed doing back then, but I can now appreciate why we were required to be a part of that task and it has helped me tremendously in my own business as a Children’s Photographer. My business plan is my road map and helps me stay on course while keeping my vision in the forefront, so that my dreams become reality while maintaining my core values. The first year I worked on my business plan for Yvonne Niemann Photography, I was a bit at a loss as where to start. Coming up with a plan from scratch was much harder than I thought. I set aside an entire weekend where I could concentrate, brainstorm and really figure things out – no baby, no phones, no television, no interuptions. I didn’t sleep much and when I did, I was dreaming about functions, activities, values, mission statements, goals, strategy, my future, etc… It was a long weekend, but so worth it. Not only did I figure out who I really was, but who I wanted my business to be and stand for. So fulfilling! It’s fun for me to look at all my notes and read what I wrote over that long weekend and see what has come true, what I can work on and figure out how I’m going to accomplish what I envision for my future. There are a few things I’ve strayed on this past year, but overall I’ve stayed on course and met my success milestones. This year, I just needed to make a few tweaks here and there and set new goals with strategies to make things achievable. It’s a lot of hard work and takes a lot of soul searching, but so vital to the success of my business and for me personally! I’m excited about what’s to come and I’m energized to make it all happen!

If you’re a photographer and need some help with your business plan, I highly recommend Strategy Avenue by Laura Novak. It’s what helped me dig deeper and come up with a solid business plan for Yvonne Niemann Photography.

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