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Family Portrait Heirlooms from Athens, Georgia

“In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.”  ~ ALEX HALEY

Family portrait heirlooms are due to arrive to this beautiful family of three today! Their customized photo session took place at a local Georgia peach orchard near Athens in celebration of their baby boy turning nine months. The trees were in bloom, which made for a stunning backdrop that is also meaningful to this family’s journey.

family portrait prints in 8 ply conservation mats

The matted prints will surely be proudly displayed in on the walls to be enjoyed for many years. Each image is printed on professional photographic paper and sprayed with a UV protectant. The 8 ply conservation mats are thicker than a standard mat board. Matted prints show off these family portraits in a timeless and sophisticated way, while drawing the eyes directly to the subjects.

loose prints of a family photo session in Athens, GA in an heirloom box

The heirloom box holds all of this family’s portrait images as loose bordered prints along with a couple mini gift albums and a USB drive containing their digital images. The box is a great way to archive favorite family photos as well as storing a few small treasured keepsakes. There is plenty of room to keep adding to your collection of photos with your own pictures or from future photography sessions. Each heirloom box is handmade by artisans and covered in a natural linen. Perfect for displaying in any room. I like to think of these beautiful photographic keepsakes as time capsules as they really do give a glimpse into a certain time in your life. They will tell your family’s story to those who open in now as well as to those who are to come far after you.

I hope this family loves their family portrait heirlooms as much as I do! Enjoy.

If you would like photographic artwork that you can be proud to display now and trust to last for the generations to come, contact Athens, GA family photographer, Yvonne Niemann Photography. I would love to discuss options with you!

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