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Commercial Staff Portraits in the City

“To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act.” ~ ANATOLE FRANCE

Commercial photography of three staff members of Chiropractic office by Athens, GA photographer, Yvonne Niemann.

Although I specialize in family photography, I love being commissioned for commercial work for businesses when they need updated head shots and staff portraits. The ladies at Stone Falls Chiropractic are always so much fun to photograph! This is the third time I’ve created photographic artwork for their business needs, which is such an honor. When Dr. Michelle Hartrich contacted me, she said that she wanted images in the city to show where they are located and reflect their personalities and her cutting edge practice. Their office has a lot of fun events that they hold for the patients and are committed to helping their community. The staff are all very modern ladies and so this urban setting was perfect for their updated commercial photos.

Corporate staff shots for chiropractic practice staff in the City.Professional head shots of business women in an urban setting taken by Athens, GA commercial photographer, Yvonne Niemann. commercial photos of staff of Stone Falls Chiropractic in St. Louis.

Commercial photography for your business is so important as it is often the very first impression that clients get from you when they visit your website. Make sure your staff photos and head shots reflect the vibe of your company and what you are trying to convey to the public. They say a picture is worth a thousand words – what do you want your business photos to say about you?

Ready to update your head shot/s or commercial photos for your business? Contact professional photographer, Yvonne Niemann Photography to schedule your session today.

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