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Beautiful Glow

This lucky mom-to-be lucked out with such beautiful Autumn weather for her maternity photography session yesterday afternoon in St. Louis. We had some terrible storms pass through in the area a few hours prior to her portraits and the winds were pretty strong, but we lucked out on this location as the wind was almost nonexistent and since the sun came out, we had that beautiful Autumn glow!!! Wonderful combination and so fitting with the glow of pregnancy. Her husband and her live within walking distance to this location and therefore it’s a place that they frequent quite often with their dog. I know that this is also a place that they will surely bring their baby boy once he enters the world. They will have so much fun and happy memories here, which I think will make these images even more meaningful for this family. Congrats! I look forward to meeting your baby boy and capturing beautiful portraits of the entire family when he arrives. In the meantime, enjoy the sneak peek!

Beautiful fall maternity photography taken by Yvonne Niemann Photography in St. Louis.

Athens, Georgia |