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Christmas Baby

Baby's first Christmas portrait.

Yesterday I photographed this lil’ beauty to document her first birthday, which happens to fall just around Christmas! Her brother joined in on the festivities, but I thought I’d focus on the birthday girl for the sneak peek.

This eleven month old lil’ lady is such a sweet heart. Cannot believe I first met her at her newborn session in Atlanta almost a year ago. She has been walking for a couple of months and loves to dance. She is super laid back and really enjoys cuddling up to her mom when she is sleepy. Her favorite movie is currently Trolls and adores the music of the soundtrack. The birthday girl is in for a great treat this year with all the Holiday celebrations along with her first birthday. She is so blessed to have such a loving family who knows how to have fun and makes every day an adventure. I know her brother will show her the ropes of life! He is such a great helper and these two really get along well.

Happy soon-to-be birthday sweet baby girl! Looking forward to seeing where life takes you!!!!


Athens, Georgia |