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Athens GA Lifestyle Family Photographer | Tickle Fight!

Photo of a tickle fight on family bed taken by Athens, GA lifestyle family photographer, Yvonne Niemann Photography.

I had so much fun photographing this lifestyle family photo session yesterday at their home in Oconee County. They are such a sweet family and their love for each other is obvious as you can see in their sneak peek image above. They chose to have their portraits taken at their beautiful home as it is where they spend a lot of time. So many options inside and outdoors for the family to explore and enjoy their time together. There really is no place like home! We started their lifestyle family photography session in the parents’ bedroom. The bed was made by a relative and it is a great place to cuddle and spend quality time together as a family. This picture makes me smile every time I look at it. They all look so happy and it’s as if you can hear the laughter coming through the image. This is truly how these four are together. After a few images in the bedroom, we headed outside for the rest of their session. We got some amazing images of them canoeing, playing in the woods and in their long meandering driveway and in a field of purple flowers. Some of their beloved chicken and their dog debuted for a few portraits as well. So fun! Cannot wait to share more from this family’s session. Such beautiful and loving images of these four that gives a glimpse into their lives at this moment of time.

I have to take a moment and mention how perfect their wardrobe selection is for this type of portrait. Mom did such a great job coordinating everyone. I had met them at their home a couple of weeks prior to their session and I went through their closets and helped pick out a few things. I wanted to make sure that they coordinated well with their surroundings and stayed true to who they are as individuals. Dad wears jeans and cowboy boots daily and their little boy likes to be just like daddy, so we made sure that they could wear those essentials. After looking at mom’s closet, we had selected a dress that she had just purchased from Free People for some of the outdoor portraits, which she could wear with her favorite boots. From there, we decided on cream, blue and gray for their color palette. Mom said she likes to wear tank tops and I thought that would be perfect for the bed shots and the canoe images. She actually had some other things selected for the other family members for those images too, but they were so happy with the outfits she had picked for them for the rest of the shoot, so they decided to stick with those items and then mom changed later into her dress. It all worked out so perfectly. I love it when everyone coordinates, but is comfortable and happy with what they have on. It really shows in the finished artwork. Perfect example of what to wear for family lifestyle portraits.

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