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St Louis Product Photography

OK…I admit it. I’ve never owned a laptop computer before – well, until a little less than two weeks ago that is. It’s funny how many people would look at me as if I belonged in the Ice Ages when they’d find out I didn’t have a laptop. I’d just shrug and explain that I didn’t need one. Sure, I WANTED one, but I didn’t feel that I NEEDED one. Big difference to me. Well that all changed when I was commissioned to photograph a conference for Centric Health Resources and they needed me to upload images during the event to their Facebook and Twitter pages. At first, I thought I’d rent or borrow a laptop for the two days, but after much thought and research I decided the best bet would be to bite the bullet and buy one. After all…I’ve wanted a laptop for such a long time and now I NEEDED one! Tell ya what – I LOVE this laptop and the freedom it’s giving me. I was able to edit images at the conference and get them to my client in time for their social networking and then when it came time for me to edit all 380 images from the event, I was able to do that while waiting at the doctor office, sitting on the couch having conversations with my daughter, enjoying the weather outside, sipping coffee at my favorite coffee shop, waiting in the parking lot of my daughter’s school, etc… SO much easier and time efficient. I now have all kinds of ideas of how I can incorporate this lil’ friend of mine into my business where it will make my life so much easier while benefiting my clients. I still plan on doing the bulk of my editing from my desktop computer where the screen is bigger and color calibration is more accurate, but I’m so thankful that I NEEDED to get this laptop. We’re becoming fast friends!

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