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Puffy Heart

I’ve always been a romantic and I’m so thankful to have married a romantic as well. Thirteen years ago yesterday, Michael proposed to me at a bed and breakfast and my heart just puffs up more and more every day with love for both him and our daughter. I never thought that it was possible to love this much. Some days I look over at my husband and can’t believe that we’re married. See, when I first saw him across from Streetside Records in college, I thought he was too good for me and that I would never have a chance with someone like him. A couple years later, I saw him working at the library and my heart went pitter patter, but I didn’t think I stood a chance, so I just went about my life. Fast forward a few months when I moved into an apartment for the summer and who do you think was my neighbor? MICHAEL! We got to know each other over that summer and before the new school year began, we were a couple. While we were dating, I’d look at him and think how lucky I was. He has always treated me so well, has more patience than anyone I know, is attractive to boot and truly loves me. {As a side note: When we were dating and we started sharing stories, it turned out that he noticed me that same day at Streetside Records and can even tell you what I as wearing. He thought I was too good for him. He said that he would light up when I’d come to the library and then was happily surprised when I knocked on his door asking for nails after I moved in next door to him. We both had crushes on each other and neither of us knew. Funny how things work out. Pure fate.} The night he proposed, I was blown away. I actually missed the actual proposal because I was crying – happy tears. We went to Harry’s for a nice dinner and then headed over to a B&B where he had the room all set up for us – flowers, champagne, apples with caramel and pecans, grapes, strawberries, music, dancing and then he started to sing to me. I just broke down crying because I had never actually heard him sing before. I had begged him to sing along in the car, at concerts and at home, but he just refused. So, when he started singing to me at the B&B, I was so touched and surprised. It meant the world to me. What was even more meaningful was that he wrote the song for me. Gush…puffy heart…swoon! Well, due to the tears, I missed the words where he proposed. At the end of the song, I hugged him and told him that was the best gift anyone had ever given me. He looked nervous and then asked me, “well..will you?” I was confused, so he got on one knee, took my hands and told me that he’d be honored if I would be his wife and then he asked me if I’d marry him while putting the ring on my finger. You all know the answer! Well, through all these years, my heart still pitter patters when I see him and I still can’t believe that this man that I thought I didn’t have a chance to date is now my husband. It really feels surreal and like yesterday. The puffy heart above holds the original setting of the ring that he proposed with back then. He was having a ring designed and it wasn’t ready in time for the proposal, so two weeks later we went to the designer and got the setting that I wear today. The original setting sits in the puffy heart and will be given to our daughter some day. She was made from our love and we want her to know how much we “puffy heart” her too. My heart overfloweth!

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