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Fly Fishing in Roaring River

Not too long ago my family went on our annual fishing trip to Roaring River with my husband’s family. Michael has been going there with his dad since he was a little boy and we’ve continued the tradition. I always enjoy these trips and they are even more special to me now that our daughter is getting older. She loves fishing with her daddy, but it’s usually just across the street at the local pond with a bucket full of minnows. As a family, we cherish those short little fishing experiences, but nothing beats Roaring River and passing down those traditions. I’m not the best fisherwoman, but I do enjoy being out in nature, smelling the fresh air with the mix of campfire, fallen leaves and whatever happens to be on the menus of the local campers {mmmmm….the smell of bacon & coffee in the morning}. We now stay in the cabins and eat at the local cafes/diners on our trips, but I sure do love the atmosphere. It’s a time to unwind, relax, recharge and spend quality time with family. I don’t receive any internet or phone connections out there, so it really forces me to focus on the task at hand – quality family time. I’m so thankful for Roaring River and all the memories we’ve made and will continue to make there. My heart melted so many times seeing Lily with her daddy. She adores her daddy as much as I do and it’s so touching to see the two of them together this way. There were so many Kodak moments on this trip, but the image above of Michael teaching Lily how to fly fish pretty much sums it all up. Need I say more? Swoon!

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