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Handmade Christmas Stockings

Growing up I always wanted a fireplace, especially for Christmas. As a little girl, I worried that Santa wouldn’t be able to deliver our presents since we didn’t have a fireplace and I wanted a place to hang our stockings that would be a bit more suitable than in a doorway. It’s what I always saw in all those Christmas movies and in my favorite books and it was something I envisioned for myself. When Michael and I were looking for our first house many years ago, one thing that was a MUST was a fireplace. We both wanted a place where we could cozy up in the cold winter months and of course, a place to hang our stockings with care for the Holidays. Well, we got our wish! For our first Christmas in our new house, I sewed up some stockings for our fireplace and after Lily was born, I made one for her as well.  Every year when I look at those beautiful treasures, hanging from our mantel, I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have this simple tradition for myself and my family. I think of how I yearned for this as a little girl and how wishes really do come true. Santa can now come down a chimney to deliver our presents and on Christmas morning we’re able to open our stockings to find those lil’ surprises that only fit in these tiny gems – just like in those movies and books that I love so much! Santa, we look forward to your arrival. We’ll have some yummy cookies and warm milk waiting for you and don’t worry…we’ll remember to put the fire out so that you have a safe landing.

Athens, Georgia |