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Piano Christmas Sheet Music

The other day Lily and I were playing piano and she asked me to play some Christmas music. I didn’t know any from heart, so I opened up the piano bench in search of some Christmas sheet music. To my surprise there were a few different books of Holiday tunes sitting there that were passed down from my mom. You can tell they’ve been used a lot and I love that her handwriting is scattered throughout the music as well. A smile came across my face as I remembered all the times my mom played this very same music in our house growing up and how we’d all sing along. Great family memories that I can now pass along to my own daughter. My piano skills aren’t quite what they used to be, but I was able to play many of the tunes just fine and Lily was delighted. We’ve been playing Christmas piano tunes every day now and nothing else gets me in the holiday spirit quite like this. I’m so grateful for these pieces of sheet music. It’s something being passed down through the generations of my family and for that…I’m thankful!

Athens, Georgia |