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The Windy City! | Chicago Family Photos

Last week, us Niemann’s headed off to Chicago for, what is now, our annual family vacation. Lily LOVES the Windy City and she’s been talking about going back there all year, so you can only imagine her excitement when she was packing for her trip! Unfortunately, our lil’ one was under the weather with a bad cold, so she wasn’t quite herself, but she was a trooper and had a great time. When we asked what her favorite things were about Chicago, she said that she liked Navy Pier, the beach, the buildings, traffic, the Disney Store and her new twinkle shoes. Michael and I also enjoyed those things, but we also savored the museums, parks, shopping, pizza at Gino’s East and our favorite German food at the Berghoff Restaurant. This time we stayed at the Swissotel that gave us beautiful views from our 18th floor room. Lily was a big fan of their swimming pool as well!

As a professional photographer, I decided to challenge myself and use only my old camera, ONE lens {35mm}, and one memory card {1GB} on this trip. GASP! This isn’t something that I’ve done before. I usually bring my favorite camera {or two}, a few lenses for all the situations that I think I’ll be in as well as a couple of 4GB memory cards. It was actually a bit liberating and allowed me to enjoy our family time that much more.  Sure, I missed a few shots here and there due to this choice, but as Lily would say, “No Biggie!”

Here are a few of photos from out trip! Enjoy!

Chicago Photos

The big challenge to get this image...making sure MY reflection didn't show.

Details of Chicago through the eye of St Louis Photographer

Just a few details around Chicago that caught my eye.

Streets of Chicago

The Chicago Theatre & our favorite restaurant - the Berghoff

St Louis Photographers Daughter in Chicago

Lily picked out this Minnie Mouse outfit at the Disney Store. She wore it a few hours every day.

Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

We spent a lot of time at the Navy Pier.

Chicago Navy Pier at Night

Our Night Life

View of Navy Pier from Swissotel 18th Floor

This was our view from our room of the Swissotel!

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