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St. Louis Child Photographer | Fine Art

This evening I had a portrait session that left me so inspired! I just love creating art and it’s energizing when all the scenes that I had envisioned in my head come out even better once captured by my camera. So many things were just perfectly aligned tonight – cute girl, gorgeous wardrobe, beautiful weather, lovely late afternoon light and great location. I scouted out this location yesterday and came across three areas that really caught my eye and I started planning this gorgeous family’s session in my head right away. The first image below was an area that I drive by all the time, but for some reason never really noticed until yesterday. When I saw it, I stopped my car, jumped out and looked at it from all angles. I was so excited about my find! Well, I have to tell you…I was even more excited once I snapped this portrait below. I just knew it was perfection. Thankfully Bella’s dad held the flash for me so that we could illuminate this lil’ beauty under the tree. A light stand would have tumbled into the water, so an assistant was dearly needed. Thank you so much. As you can tell, it was well worth it. Great job dad!

St. Louis fine art child portrait of little girl sitting under an Autumn tree next to a stream.
St. Louis Outdoor Portrait of a child in the woods surrounded by the beauty of Autumn.

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