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Those Eyes!

This lil’ lady turned two years old this past summer and is such a delight! I’ve been photographing her since she was a newborn and therefore she holds a special place in my heart. Her eyes are so beautiful and expressive. I bet she gets away with a lot of things with those big eyes of hers. She was so funny during her child photography session at her home in St. Louis. Apparently, she has a lot of boyfriends and the first time her parents said C’s name, she just lit up! Turns out that the gentleman suitor is another lil’ man that I photograph. I can totally see why she would like him. He really is sweet and cute. She talked to C on her play phone and watched out the window for him. It really was adorable. I just adore this lil’ lady’s personality. She giggles a lot, squeals with delight as she runs, concentrates as she packs up her purse and is even thoughtful to include her photographer when playing ring around the rosy with her family. Such a sweet girl. Obviously runs in the family! Enjoy the sneak peek. We got a lot of fun portraits that I can’t wait to share.

Beautiful black and white child photography of a two year old girl with big eyes taken by Yvonne Niemann Photography in St. Louis.

Athens, Georgia |