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Oh my! Does it get any cuter than this?! LOVE these two lil’ men. When I first saw them last night, I couldn’t believe how grown up they both look now. Only a year has passed, but from the looks of these two, you’d think a lot more time has gone by. The youngest of the two is celebrating his second birthday and therefore is on the RUN  and is really wanting to explore everything around him. He is super tough and doesn’t let much get to him. His big brother is 4-1/2 now and I just can’t get over how much he’s matured over the last year. He usually isn’t super keen on getting his picture taken, but last night he seemed to really enjoy it and was ready for the camera to point his way. So cute! Both boys cracked me up when they looked at images on the back of my camera and tried to advance to the next picture by swiping the screen with their fingers. Hmmmmm….I think I know where they get that from! 🙂 Technology is so kid friendly these days. I have to mention….mom did a FANTASTIC job as usual dressing the family for their portraits. Just wait until you see the family images. SO cute and coordinating perfectly. Until then, enjoy the sneak peek.

Cute children portraits taken in St. Louis by Yvonne Niemann Photography.

Athens, Georgia |