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St. Charles Newborn Photographer | The Beautiful Maggie!

Lil’ Miss Maggie’s Aunt gifted a wonderful baby present to this newborn’s mom! An infant photography session! It was such a pleasure to capture this lil’ beauty yesterday. She’s so tiny and smiles a lot. I know that “the experts” say that newborn smiles are actually just gas, but I tend to believe that they are true smiles of happiness. She really has a lot to be happy about too. She has two wonderful parents who love her dearly, a grandmother that can stop by and visit, an Aunt who is already spoiling her, a very fashionable room with a crib that’s meant for a princess and she’s got an appetite that’s helping her grow into all those adorable clothes and accessories she has! Who wouldn’t smile with all of that goodness?! Meet lil’ beautiful Maggie!

newborn girl with hair accessory

sleeping baby

Athens, Georgia |