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Spring Tea Time! | Belleville Children’s Photographer

When I was a little girl I used to read Anne of Green Gables and then watched the series when it came out on TV in the 80’s. My best friend was Dana who had brown hair, was notably pretty and about as smart as they come. I called her Diana. She really was like the character Diana from my favorite series of books as a child. Now, I was the mischievous red head with freckles who had a wild imagination, so of course Dana called me Anne {with an “E”} because after all…I was a lot like Anne’s character. The main differences were I wasn’t an orphan and we didn’t live on Prince Edward Island in the early 1900’s. We were bosom buddies though and we were a good team!

Well, during my childhood, I always dreamed of living somewhere as pretty where I could have tea parties under pretty flowered trees  or by a pond. It was something the grown up Anne would do. After all, we’re both romantics! I always looked forward to tea time at home and my grandmother even made me my very own tea set when I was little out of ceramics, which I still treasure to this day. Finally, my vision became a reality. The perfect tea party set-up! Eckert’s Farm in Belleville, IL was the perfect backdrop yesterday with the apple trees in full bloom! This time, I got to watch my daughter have her “Anne of Green Gables” tea party and it was pure magic! Lily looked forward to tea time all day and she was thrilled to have Audrey with her to share the experience.  Here are some of my favorite images from last night’s sunset portrait session! The tea set in the portraits was the one I used to use as a little girl that my grandmother made me. The picnic basket was a wedding present almost 12 years ago! This was very much the sentimental session! If you’d like a tea party session for your lil’ ones just contact me!

{This one will be enlarged to a 20×24 portrait and framed for one of the walls in my house}

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