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Snow Day in St. Louis

I’ve been looking forward to a good snow in St. Louis for quite some time now and I got my wish! It started snowing last night and this morning I woke to about six inches of snow. YAY! I felt like a kid who couldn’t wait to go play outside in all that glorious, beautiful snow, but the best part is seeing Lily’s reaction to it all. Totally makes my day! I made a nice hot breakfast for Lily and I and then we bundled up before heading outside. I spent the majority of the time shoveling while Lily dug tunnels in the big mounds of snow I was building, but after that it was all snow angels and snow fights. It’s so nice not having anywhere to go today so that we can just enjoy ourselves and the beauty wonder nature has brought our way. For those of you who aren’t quite as lucky…drive safe and try to enjoy the views before it’s all gone.

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