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Family heirloom piano - Cable Nelson

I just adore family heirlooms. So much history and sentimental meaning. These gifts passed down through the generations are truly priceless to me and pieces that I will always cherish. This piano was Michael’s Great Aunt’s. It was such an honor to have this musical instrument passed down to us. Every time I see it or it’s played, I think of Emma. I can visualize it in the corner of her living room and Lily trying to play it like a big girl – turning those pages with her chubby baby fingers gingerly before pounding on the keys. I think of the stories I had heard of Emma and her sister playing piano and how they even had the piano bench reupholstered to match their wing back chairs and couch. The piano doesn’t look like it’s aged much even though it’s been in the family for years {Emma was 100 years old when she passed}, which is proof of how much love and care was given to this beauty. It brings me such joy having this piece of history in our house and I feel that a part of Michael’s family runs through my fingers every time I play this Cable Nelson and for this…I’m thankful.

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