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Playful Lifestyle Family Photography

Playful lifestyle family photography in St. Louis.

This particular lifestyle family photography session was a lot of fun. It was a cold and windy day, so we headed to an area that I know blocks wind for a more comfortable setting. It worked out perfectly for this playful family! Their two year old is on the run these days and his parents are so great at making everything fun and just a big adventure. you can really tell how much there three adore each other and how strong their connections are. I first photographed this loving family a couple years ago when this lil’ man was just a baby learning to crawl. Boy, has he changed! He now runs, is super playful, is really into trains and is a great explorer. I loved watching him interact with his parents. He is super cuddly and sweet with him mom and he loves his dad’s playfulness and all the family tickle fights. What a fun beginning of life! So honored to have the opportunity to capture their family dynamic during their lifestyle family photography session.

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