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Oconee County, GA Baby Boy Newborn Photography

Over the weekend, I had the joy to photograph this baby boy newborn in my home studio along with his parents. He was exactly two weeks old the day of his session. Isn’t he such a dream?!

Sleeping baby boy Oconee County, GA studio baby boy newborn session.

His parents are building a home and there has been a delay by a few months, so they are currently living with parents in Madison, GA. So, coming to to me was the best option! A studio newborn session is perfect for when you want to get out of the house, but also when you aren’t ready for people coming to your home yet. I have everything set up and ready to go for when you arrive. Plus, most newborns are zonked out after a drive in the car, which can start things off really well for their portraits.

This little guy is such a sweet heart and is quite the eater! Super strong and loves being held. He makes the most adorable goat and bird chirping sounds too!!! He could not wait to meet his parents, so he came about a week early, which I am sure his parents did not mind one bit. This family of three are going to have such a great time together through life. Lots of travel, good food, play and fun in store!

The image above was taken right after we did images of this baby boy newborn with his parents. He was fast asleep and as I was taking the swaddle off of him he fell into the cutest pose since he was so relaxed. Just had to capture it!

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