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Athens, GA Lifestyle Photography | Nine Month Old Milestones

This beautiful lady celebrated her nine month old milestones with a portrait session at her home! I adore these type of sessions as they really give a glimpse into a family’s life during a particular time. Such realness!

Lifestyle nine month old milestones photos with mom in Athens, GA.

I love photographing babies in their cribs. It is a big part of their lives, but only for a short time compared to their time here on Earth! Important to capture moments like this when you can.

Photos of a nine month old in her crib in Athens, GA.

Baby girl is wearing a family heirloom. This dress was worn by her mom when she was just a little baby!

Lifestyle nine month old milestones photos in Athens, GA.Nine month old milestones portraits Athens, GA.Photos showing nine month old milestones in Athens, GA.

Every mom shares moments like this with her baby. There is nothing like showing the outside world to your little one out the window. These turned out to be some of this mom’s favorite images from their portrait session showing nine month old milestones in the comfort of their home. I actually wish I had images like this of myself and my own daughter. I have a ton of pictures of my daughter looking out windows, but none of me holding her checking things out. Sigh…

Athens, GA portraits of nine month old milestones.

If you would like a lifestyle portrait session like this for yourself, contact Athens, GA baby photographers of Yvonne Niemann Photography today to set up your appointment. I’d be happy to share details with you and to add you to the filling calendar.  |  706.713.0676

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