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Newborn Photography

Tuscaloosa newborn photography of two week old infant boy.

Over the weekend, I help this adorable baby’s newborn photography session. He is two weeks old and just the sweetest little thing! Such a laid back infant who really doesn’t fuss at all. In fact, now to think of it, I don’t recall him crying once while I was at their home. He does make the most precious baby sounds and I love how his whole body moves when he breathes. His big brother, is full of energy and gusto, which seems to soothe the newest member of the family. I know that they will be best buddies as they grow up together! They are almost exactly two years apart, which is a great age difference for play and bonding. I cannot wait to capture this little one’s first year milestones along with the development of the brothers’ relationship. Right now, big brother seems curious of his baby brother, but not quite sure of the new situation. I bet that when they can start interacting, they will really hit it off! I can already see them playing ball, sharing their farm toys and exploring together in the near future. This is just the start of a beautiful friendship!

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