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Newborn Photography Of Nine Day Old Baby Girl

I had the honor to photograph this sweet nine day old baby girl at her newborn photography session yesterday! Isn’t she just a dream? Love all of her hair, those full cheeks, heart shaped lips and calm demeanor.

There are certain facial reactions that this little one makes that remind me of one of her big brothers. Just amazing to witness! This little lady is used to noise with her two brothers in the house. This is such a great thing for the whole family as it means that nobody has to tiptoe around the house – especially the two brothers!

I cannot wait to see this little lady to grow and see how her personality develops. I have a feeling that she will have a super tight relationship with her brothers as they REALLY love her and do a great looking after her. Hopefully that never changes. No jealousy issues with her brothers, just pure love and adoration for their baby sister.

Mom is going to have a great time dressing her little girl! She already does such a wonderful job styling the boys and there is no doubt the same will be true with this little angel. Cannot wait to share images of her nursery with you. It is the most delightful soft pink with hints of cream, white and gold. There is a unicorn theme that is subtle and tasteful, which I know will last for many years.

Thank you for inviting me into your home during this special time and trusting me with Miss S’s newborn photography portraits! Cannot wait to share more! Congratulations!

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