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My Lil’ Lady in Red! | St. Louis Child Photography

My daughter Lily is going through a dress phase. Refuses to wear pants or anything that doesn’t make her feel like a princess. {can you blame her?} Well, yesterday she was excited about daddy coming home and asked me to curl her hair so that she looked extra pretty for when he came home. Primping began – curled hair, painted toe nails, pretty favorite dress, etc… We were waiting patiently for daddy to come home and my lil’ Lily asked me to take her picture, so while I was grabbing my camera, she moved the log holder over so she could use it as a chair and then I took a few images of her. When they were to HER satisfaction, she asked if I would take some portraits of her lambie. Made me smile because I know how much lambie means to her and it was touching that she was so thoughtful of his feelings and wanted to include him. So, these are Lily’s favorite images that I took of her and lambie yesterday. She’s turning into quite the art director these days. LOVE that.

{can you feel the love?!}

{this is lambie – he’s been a part of the family since Lily was a couple weeks old}

Athens, Georgia |