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Motherhood Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Motherhood lifestyle newborn photography sessions are such a great way to document those early days with your baby at home. I absolutely adore capturing real moments like this. Precious moments as mom looks over her newborn in quiet. There is nothing like it! This beautiful mom mentioned how much she loves all the window seats throughout the house and how they spend a lot of time utilizing them. This little nook will surely be a favorite with a lot of memories to come.

This little princess is the third child in the family and first girl to be born! Such a blessing. She is the most laid back baby and really just goes with the flow. Mom says she is a good feeder and is already growing so fast at a mere three weeks old. This Southern beauty is so loved and will have such wonderful adventures with her family. Her brothers will surely show her many tricks and will guide her well through life. I have a feeling that they will look after her very well. They are already big helpers and love all over her!

I absolutely adore mom’s dress here. PERFECT example of what to wear for you own motherhood lifestyle newborn photography session. The neutral color is so fitting for the purity of an infant and the subtle textured pattern adds interest without being distracting. Great way to keep the focus on the subjects in the portraits. Dresses are also super flattering and comfortable for new moms!

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