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The Joy of Pregnancy with a Family

Not too long ago, I photographed this beautiful family for their maternity photography session in St. Louis. It was such as honor as I remember vividly their first maternity session with me with their first child. That first session took place at Forest Park and this time we switched things up and went to Ballwin to take it back to the dad’s stomping grounds growing up. Their first pregnancy portrait session we had to deal with melting snow and this time we had a beautiful overcast day. Not too hot, not too cold – just perfect. Their lil’ girl was super excited to be at the park and to run free, and she allowed us to get some images of the whole family, mom and dad alone and then of course just mom. Such a sweet family and always a joy to capture! Congratulations “A” family on the birth of your sweet baby boy! Can’t wait to meet Mr. J! In the meantime, enjoy your music video.

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