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Look Who Got Her First Hair Cut! | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

Yep! My lil’ Lily got her first hair cut last night. I came home from a girl’s gathering with friends and when I came home, my daughter’s hair had been trimmed up by my loving husband. We had big plans to go to a salon for the big event, but Lily wanted nothing to do with it. I have to admit, I’m a bit sad that I missed the first hair cut, but my husband and daughter were so proud and happy to surprise me, so it’s not so bad. I’m actually happy that my husband had this moment with our daughter as I know he’s missed a lot of firsts. Makes me fall in love with him even further picturing him with scissors trimming Lily’s hair with precision and care. What a great moment they had and hey…at least he saved the hair for me. Tear.

{See how happy she is with her new do?! I love how it curls up more now.}

Florissant Children's Photographer

{I love this serious look she gives me! Daddy did a great job cutting her hair. All even!}

St. Louis Children's Photographer

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