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Kirkwood Child Photographer | Up, Up & Away!

I have a lot of photography ideas in my head – things that I would like to shoot and capture for myself and others. Well, I’ve decided to make those dreams come true, and so this weekend I did a shoot with this adorable model for my UP inspired shoot. I had this vision in my head ever since I saw the movie UP, so it’s about time it got captured with my camera. I think the purple just works so well against all the Autumn colors and I LOVE the looks on this lil’ beauty’s face. Isn’t she just the cutest? The location is a dream! So many options in this area and I’m so thankful for the R family for allowing me to not only use their children as models, but for letting me photograph on their property as well. Such a wonderful family that I feel blessed to have entered my life. Turns out that this image has sentimental meanings for this family as well, as mom and dad got engaged on a hot air balloon at sunrise in Colorado. Victoria’s mom said she got chills seeing her daughter in this image, as it brought back those memories. I just love it when images that I create can stir such emotions. Enjoy!

hot air balloon portrait of child in Kirkwood, MO by Yvonne Niemann Photography

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