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Images that melt my heart | St. Louis Lifestyle Photographer

I was taking pictures of my daughter just being – well – being my daughter and my heart kept melting. These are the type of images that just do it for me! I had such a great time capturing her as she is. These are the moments I will cherish for always and just make me so happy. I swear, I had a huge smile on my face for hours after taking these pictures and I literally skipped and twirled with delight.

{Oh, those eyes, those curls, that light…MELT!}

{I love how she paints herself, something I used to do as a child myself}
{Daddy is always there to help out. Heart melts again!}
{Making circles. My lil’ artist!}
{Oh my….how I love lil’ details like this. My heart melts once again!}
{More lil’ details I love}

{OK…by this time, my heart is pretty much a puddle!}

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