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Favorite Color – Mother Nature

“I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.” ~ ARTHUR RUBINSTEIN

pretty pictures of mother nature taken by Yvonne Niemann Photography

I am part of a photography circle where twelve photographers follow a certain theme each month and show their interpretation through their photographs. This month, the theme is “favorite color”.

My daughter asks me quite often what my favorite color is and I honestly have a hard time answering her. Sometimes I answer green. Sometimes I answer cream. Sometimes I answer blue. Sometimes I answer metallic gold. After some thought, I realized that the reason why I don’t have one specific favorite color is because my favorite colors are what I see outdoors given to me from Mother Nature. I really cannot choose just one color to label as my favorite. I do gravitate towards soft delicate colors and I also love tone on tone. This is apparent in what I choose to photograph outside for my own personal projects and in the locations that I choose for my clients. My favorite colors mimic what is around me during that season. In autumn and winter, I adore metallic gold, cream, white and pale blue and gray. These are the same colors that are seen in the golden fields, the crisp blue sky, snow, cloudy days and exposed rocks. In the Spring and Summer I love various colors of green and pastel pinks, purple and blues that are seen in fresh grass, fields of new crops and all the pretty flowers and tree blossoms as well as those amazing blue skies with fluffy clouds. So, I guess my favorite colors are just driven by what makes me happy and what I find beautiful around me driven by mother nature.

So, what’s your favorite color? Do you know why it’s your favorite? I’d love to hear what you answer!

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