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Family Portraits on UGA Campus

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ~ MAE WEST

Sibling photos of sisters with their puppy in Athens, GA.

This past Fall I took family portraits of this beautiful family on UGAs campus in Athens, GA. Their session was extra special to me as the mom is the very first person I met when I moved to Georgia. Her daughters were in gymnastics with my daughter at the time and they instantly made us feel welcomed. They guided me in my quest to find fresh pecans, tips on how to cook perfect grits, where the best restaurants are, among many other things dealing with the South and our new home. It was the start of a beautiful friendship and it meant the world to my family and I to be embraced with kindness from the start.

Family photography of parents with their children in Athens, GA.

This family is truly beautiful inside and out! The girls have impeccable manners and are as thoughtful and caring as their parents. These sisters really enjoy their time together. I loved seeing them explore areas of UGAs campus together, talking and being playful along the way. The ease and comfort all family members have together is apparent as is the love they share for each other. Their adorable puppy had just entered their family circle, so I was so happy that they decided to include their newest family member in their family portraits.

Family portraits on UGA campus in Athens, GA.

Thank you to the K family for welcoming my family to Georgia with open arms and for your friendship – especially at a time where we absolutely knew nothing about our new surroundings and didn’t know a single soul here. It means the world to me! Such an honor to photograph your family.

Now, I have to mention their wardrobe selection for a moment! It is a great example of what to wear for family portraits. I love how they coordinate together seamlessly. The girls’ grandmother made their outfits and the parents selected their wardrobe around them. Their clothing reflects their personalities and style aesthetic while giving a cohesive look among each other and their surroundings. Pretty perfect in my book. Great job mom on pulling everyone together!

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