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Cherry Blossom Portraits Athens, GA

This sweet family were lucky to get cherry blossom portraits for their son’t first birthday last Spring. It is exactly what mom had envisioned. Luckily the timing worked out perfectly. This was the last session of their baby’s Grow with me Plan with me. Such a treat watching this little man grow and documenting all of his milestones during his first year.

Beautiful family Cherry blossom portraits Athens, GA

Mom did a gret job with their outfits. Her pale pink dress really coordinated well with the cherry blossoms and the white and a blue that the boys wore finished things off nicely.

Cherry blossom portraits Athens, GAPhotos of cherry blossomsMotherhood cherry blossom portraits Athens, GA

These parents are so sweet with their son and you can just see how much joy their little boy brings them. I have a feeling that the feelings are mutual.

Spring family cherry blossom portraits Athens, GAFamily cherry blossom portraits Athens, GA

This one year old is such a ham! Love his funny and sweet personality. He really goes with the flow.  Didn’t seem to mind the brisk morning we had during his cherry blossom portraits. The best way to get the birthday boy to smile is to have his parents sing some of his favorite songs. Playing peek a boo behind my camera seemed to work quite well too.

Baby's first birthday Cherry blossom portraits Athens, GA

Book your cherry blossom portraits today!

Cherry blossom portraits in Athens, GA are just around the corner. These blooms have traditionally showcased their beauty around Valentine’s Day, but I think they will be a bit later this year due to cold temperatures. I have started studying the branches to get a good prediction. No buds yet, so we still have some time. If you are interested in a cherry blossom portrait session this Spring, let me know. I’d be happy to add you to the calendar. We may need to adjust the date depending on when things are in bloom, but you will get priority booking for these blooms. They don’t last for long once they make their appearance. Send me a message for details. | 706.713.0676

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