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The Beautiful Camellia

“Love is a great beautifier.” ~ LOUISA MAY ALCOTT

Camellia flowering tree in Athens, GA.

Ahhhhhh! The delicate beauty of the Camellia flower. I have never seen this type of flowering tree up until now. I certainly never saw one of these beautiful specimens before moving to Georgia. When I first saw this tree, it literally stopped me in my tracks. At first I wondered if it was a rose. I quickly ruled that out. I then wondered if it belonged in the same family of a peony. Nope. Didn’t resemble that enough. I actually stopped a stranger and asked them. Thankfully, they were kind enough to tell me about the Camellia. It was love at first sight. I am now dreaming of having a few of these for myself in my yard. I need to talk to a landscaping architect to find out exactly the best place to put these romantic flowering trees. So much to learn when it comes to gardening in the South. I look forward to learning more!

Athens, Georgia |