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Baby Journal laying on a bed

When I was pregnant, I searched for that perfect baby journal. A month before I gave birth to my lil’ Lily, I found exactly what I was looking for! I absolutely love Lily’s baby journal. It’s simple, classy, timeless and has plenty of room for my notes, pictures and special mementos. I love going through her journal and taking in all of those moments again. Perfect way for me to remember that time in our lives and how much has changed since then. This morning, I was reminiscing about Lily’s early days, with the help of this book, and I came across the hand and foot prints of our lil’ baby. She was three days old and we had just came home from the hospital. She was sound asleep and we decided to start filling out her journal. I wanted to do her hand and foot prints first because I was afraid she’d grow too fast and we’d miss documenting how tiny she was {as if she would grow within a few hours…} Michael got a stamp pad and I held Lily in my arms in amazement. We got the foot print perfectly on the page, but the hand was a different story… She wanted to keep her hand in a fist, so it was hard to get her hand flat to get the ink on there and then when it came time to print her hand on the page, it took three tries. Michael and I laughed about the whole ordeal while Lily just slept through it all. Didn’t phase her one bit. Of course immediately after, I had a lil’ freak out while wondering if the ink would come off her skin, but just as Michael promised, it came off without a problem. {give me some slack…I was a new mom!} Looking at those lil’ prints today brings back so many memories and I’m just amazed at how quickly she’s grown and how fast things change. Lily is such a blessing to have in my life and I am so thankful to have this baby journal as a keepsake – not only for me, but for her as well.

Edited to add: Since writing this post, I’ve had several people write to me about where I found Lily’s Baby Journal. I got it a little over four years ago at Barnes & Noble, but after some searching, I found it on Amazon this evening! It’s simply titled “My Baby’s Journal.” Enjoy!

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