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A Girl’s Best Friend | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

Lily has been asking me for a bunny Zhu Zhu pet for a couple months now and I finally agreed to go out and find one for her. Turns out that Zhu Zhus are lil’ toy hamsters that move around and make hamster noises. No bunny to be found. Well, at Target, right next to the Zhu Zhu pets there was a rabbit toy that looked JUST like the Zhu Zhu pets, except it was a furry carrot loving pet that moves around and makes cute lil’ bunny  noises. Lily is in heaven. She’s been taking very good care of her new pet and proudly named him Wiggles {she sometimes just calls him Zhu Zhu}. They play ball together, go down slides, swing on her swing set, race each other, cuddle and sleep together. Wiggles has gotten pretty dirty in the last few days from playing so hard outside, so we carefully bathed him on Sunday as well. Turns out that he loves popsicles, carrots, blueberry muffins and water. Oh, and he loves Lily’s Lambie as well. {don’t worry, Lambie isn’t going anywhere} The two of them even play Max and Ruby together.  So cute! Well, to my surprise, Lily asked me to get my camera and capture Wiggles the other day and then she decided she’d like to be in some of the pictures as well. Don’t worry…Wiggles was not injured in the process of making these pictures – Lily wouldn’t allow the swing to even move while he was on it alone. Safety first! So, without further ado…

St. Louis Children's Photographer

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