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50th Wedding Anniversary Portraits in Athens, GA

When this sweet husband contacted me to schedule his 50th wedding anniversary portraits, I was over the moon! There is nothing like the celebration of love. He used to work for Kodak and is a big fan of photography, so it was such an honor and compliment that he would choose me to be his photographer for this big milestone.

50 year wedding anniversary portraits in Athens, GA

They mentioned that their happy place is on a lake and around water, so naturally I immediately started thinking of options for locations in the Athens, GA area that had water. I gave them a few options, along with pictures from my location scouts and they both chose Lake Herrick on UGAs campus. It is a place they had never been, but it really was perfect for them.

50 year wedding anniversary couple portraits on UGA campus50 year wedding anniversary photos taken at a lake in Athens, GA

I love how these two look at each other and have an ease and flow that comes with their years together. Loved hearing about how they met, their wedding and all their travels. Goals! Sweetest couple and deserving of all the happiness that has come their way.

50th wedding anniversary portraits in Athens, GA50th wedding anniversary at Lake Herrick.Photos of a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.Portraits of 50 years of marriage taken in Athens, GA.

I love how it was the husband here who booked the session and set everything up. Such a sweet and romantic gift to his bride of 50 years. They really wanted images of themselves not only for their own home, but for their children and grandchildren too. I know these are gifts that will be appreciated now and years down the line too. I just celebrated my 25 year wedding anniversary and looking at these images reminds me how important images like this are not only for the couple, but for the entire family. It isn’t often that couples get photographed by themselves once we have children, but I think it is so important. After all, it is that love that started it all! That is certainly worth celebrating and documenting!!!!! Happy 50th wedding anniversary! Here’s to many many more to come – full of laughter, memories and joy.

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