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Us | Bishop, GA Family Photographer

I have joined a group of photographers, called the Twelve by Twelve, with monthly blog assignments. Each of us picked a theme for each month of the year and then we all share our photographic interpretation of that given theme. This month, we were assigned “Us”.

“Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.” ~ MARGARET SHEPARD

The Niemann family!

For this month’s theme, I chose these pictures of my family that I took in our back yard at our new home in Bishop, GA. I used a tripod to get these. The silly shot of my husband and daughter was a “test” shot. It’s basically them just being themselves as I tested the settings of my camera and focus before I jumped into the picture to join them. So, this is us. The Niemann family.

My husband, Michael, is my soulmate. The absolute best thing to happen to me. Essentially my rock and prince charming. Our daughter was the best thing to happen to us. She is made out of our love and completes our family perfectly. Lily is named after our wedding flower, the Calla Lily. I cherish our time together. I especially enjoy our dance parties that happen a lot in the evenings where we show off our dance and air guitar skills. We love going on hikes or pretty much anything outdoors. Exploring is just a way of life for us. We cuddle frequently, laugh a lot and try to find fun in every situation. We support each other and it’s comforting to know that there are always people there for you with unconditional love. This is our family! Us.

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