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Hot Cocoa with marshmallows and candy cane

Nothing warms my body and soul like a good cup of hot cocoa in the cold winter months. There’s something a bit nostalgic about it all. Reminds me of those winter days where I’d play out in the snow until I couldn’t take the cold any more as a lil’ girl. I’d come inside take off all my layers; carefully place my wet mittens, scarf and boots on the radiator so that they would be warm and dry for my next outing; rub my hands together before placing them over my mouth and nose to warm up my nose; and then the best part…the hot cocoa waiting for me with marshmallows and perhaps a candy cane to stir it all together. Ahhhhhh… Great memories. I still enjoy my hot cocoa, but now I get to create memories with my daughter over a great mug of chocolaty goodness! For that…I’m thankful!

Athens, Georgia |