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lock of hair

There have been a lot of firsts for us in the Niemann household lately with Lily. Tooth fairy visits, swimming lessons and the one that I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time – the first haircut! Lily is almost five years old and her hair is FINALLY long enough for a trim. Lily loves reading Fancy Nancy books and after reading “Ooh La La! It’s Beauty Day” and doing many beauty treatments at home, she finally agreed to go with mommy and daddy to the salon. At first, she was a bit unsure of it all, so she had daddy get his hair cut first. She then had me get my hair done and after that, she was still a bit scared, but she agreed to let Barbara cut her hair if she sat on daddy’s lap and got to wear a fancy cape. As Barb worked her magic, Lily smiled and gave me the thumbs up sign. When she was beautified, she looked in the mirror, touched her hair before shaking her head to swing her curls, and then she said, “Ooh La La!” As we left, she smiled big, waved to Barb and in her delicate voice said, “Merci!” She checked herself out in the mirror all night and she’s still talking about how she can’t wait to get her hair done again at the beauty salon! I’m just thankful that it was a good experience and that I get this lil’ lock of hair for a keepsake. Means the world to me!

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