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Kansas Flint Hills

Last week I drove to Kansas to photograph my best friend’s family and as I viewed the landscapes, memories streamed back of all the years living in Kansas and driving those exact same roads years ago. I did a lot of my growing up years in Kansas and so when it was time to go to college, I ended up at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS {The Little Apple.} All those years, I never really thought Kansas was pretty, but now when I drive those same roads my breath is taken away with all the beauty of the rolling hills, golden wheat and grass that seems to literally glow. The Kansas Flint Hills are a site to see and I don’t know why I never appreciated it when I lived there. I suppose that I was just so used to it that I took those beautiful landscapes for granted. It’s been many years since I drove this stretch of the highway heading into Manhattan and I had to stop this time to take some pictures, smell the air and feel the cool breeze on my face. Oh, how I’m thankful for those Kansas Flint HIlls!

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