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St. Lucia

Around this time of year, Michael and I start thinking about where we want to vacation during the year. We always take one tropical vacation with just the two of us and then we take a family vacation with our beloved Lily. These trips are something that we always look forward to and are much needed to relax, regroup and reconnect. As parents, our tropical vacations mean even more to us as a couple since we don’t get much alone time any more. It’s wonderful taking in the sites, not having to go by any kind of schedule, eat any kind of cuisine we wish, have only adult conversation and just enjoy our company fully without interruptions. Of course we talk about Lily quite a bit – wondering what she’s doing with the grandparents, wondering if she misses us as much as we miss her, hope she’s having fun and is sleeping OK and envision what she’d be doing in the ocean and sand if she were with us. This year we’re planning on taking our family trip to a tropical location. Lily’s been talking about the ocean and beaches for a couple years now and I think she’s at an age where she’ll really enjoy herself and remember everything as she gets older. I can’t wait to see Lily’s reaction to that beautiful environment – the sand, salt water, tropical breezes, fish, palm trees, boat excursions, the food and just the whole experience. I’m so thankful that we’re able to travel and I’m looking forward to showing Lily the world and experiencing travels through her eyes.

{I took the image above at Marigot Bay in St. Lucia a couple of years ago. Nice little reminder that warm weather isn’t too far away as we sit here surrounded by ice and snow!}

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