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St. Louis Family Portrait Photographer | The Start of Autumn!

I’ve been photographing this family for a few years now and it’s always a joy to see everyone together. Mom and dad have their hands full with these four lil’ ones, but they really take it in stride and have fun with each other. The eldest of the bunch is a true born rock star who jammed out on his guitar later in their customized portrait session. The little princess is a wonderful ballerina, the middle boy loves to be in his own world while running as much as possible and the sweet baby just takes it all in stride as he’s very laid back. Last night I had a special treat – helpers! They brought along a crew of people to help with the kids, which in turn helped me out quite a bit too. Imagine a village around me getting the kiddo’s attention and running after a little one who decided to take flight. Smart parents! Thank you so much to all the helpers. You were wonderful! This portrait session was the perfect way to start off the Fall season. Enjoy the sneak peek!

Fall Family Portraits in St. Louis by Yvonne Niemann Photography

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